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433 Asahiyama Kanagi-machi Aomori pref. Japan
ZIP CODE: 037-0202
TEL. 0173-53-2074
FAX. 0173-52-3090

Temple Master: Shoko Ichinohe


FOUNDED in 1596
REBUILT in 1811,RE-REBUILT in 1969
Soto Zen Sect

Located in Kanagi Town, which is in the middle of Tsugaru peninsula, Aomori pref, Japan. The population of Kanagi is 12,000 but this town is very famous for Osamu Dazai's birth place. Young Osamu Dazai sometimes visited Unshoji with Take. He saw "hell pictures" and "sotoba" and impressed very much. As you know, his works have some sad feeling. According to the criticism, that comes from shocking experience here in Unshoji in his childhood.

Main Hall

Main Ceremony Hall