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Buddhist hymn "Goeika" is called "Baika-ryuu-Eisanka", and usually recited with small hand bells. This time I introduce you not a traditional but a casual Goeika sung by Chiyoko ShimakuraandMichiya Mihashi, one of the most populor singer in Japan. If you are interested in Goeika, please contact with The Head Office of Soto-shuu ([home page][mail] Tel.03-3454-5411 Tokyo Japan). You can get CD library.

How to Listen

(1)This music binary file is mp3. Install Winamp.

(2)Right-Click the title and save the data in the hard disk of your PC.

Higan Gowasan by Chiyoko Shimakura(4.0MB)

Urabon-e Goeika by Michiya Mihashi(1.9MB)

(3)Run Winamp and listen!!